What is anomaly detection? How do you get it 'done right'?

Finding threats is hard. Anti-virus software, can’t keep up with the exploding rates of new malware and cyberattacks. Traditional intrusion detection systems rely on identifying attacks attempting to penetrate your network through signature-based methods, making them susceptible to unknown attacks. Anomaly detection is often heralded as a solution, but rarely does anyone describe exactly how to use it or give practical advice on how to implement it. So how are banks expected to meet the new IT Examination requirements?

Join us for our upcoming webinar, as we dive into the fundamental concepts surrounding anomaly detection and how it all ties together with the FFIEC’s latest cybersecurity requirements.

  • What is anomaly detection?
  • How anomaly detection keeps you safe in today's threat landscape
  • Examples of how anomaly detection should work
  • How to build anomaly detection into your organization
  • Specifics on how anomaly detection will be measured in examinations