As a prime target for cybercrime, financial institutions (FIs) like yours must arm themselves with the knowledge and understanding of how to effectively prevent, detect, and mitigate cyber threats. It is crucial to invest in a strong cyber risk management solution to address the ever-evolving risk landscape and regulatory requirements, but with so many vendors offering a variety of options, choosing the right one can be overwhelming.

The Cyber Risk Management Buyer's Guide and Workbook provide you with vital information so your FI can take charge of discussions with vendors and effectively secure the best solution to stay threat ready and maintain compliance while optimizing your budget. Plus, when you download the Buyer’s Guide, you get immediate access to the corresponding Buyer's Guide Workbook, which allows you to compare technologies and services from various vendors.

The FREE DefenseStorm Cyber Risk Management Buyer’s Guide provides:

  1. Explanation of cybersecurity versus cyber risk management.
  2. Definitions of cybersecurity terminology and acronyms.
  3. A guide to determining your FI’s cybersecurity monitoring capabilities and needs.
  4. The most important questions to ask while shopping around for a cybersecurity solution.
  5. Resources to get started on the right path.